Recent Professional Projects:

At Playstudios, I was primarily a gameplay programmer using Unity. I used C# to develop a large number of slot machines, which were featured on the MyVegas app. I developed tools for non technical developers within the Unity engine. I also worked with producers and developers in other disciplines to create game project timelines.

At Razer, I worked between the design and engineering teams as a UI prototyper. I took UI designs in Illustrator, and used Sketch and Framer to make them interactive. I also used Android Studio, to create modular animations which could be implemented by the programming team. We worked under tight deadlines, creating the software that shipped with the Razer Phone.

I worked as a software engineer at International Game Technology. I programed the client side of a variety of online gambling games, primarily slot machines. I have developed tiles for both mobile, using HTML5 and javascript, as well as Flash. In addition to more traditional titles, such as “Miss Red”, and “Vegas Baby!” I have worked as a rapid prototype developer, and as a programmer on POWERBUCKS, a game that shares a jackpot between mobile, desktop, and stand up slot machines.

Illumina Studios contracted me to make Bioscriber, an educational game developed for an open house at UC Berkeley put on by the Joint Genome and Joint Bioenergy Institutes. I worked with a team of synthetic biologists to design and program a simple video game explaining the nature of their work. The game was a great success and a sequel is in the works. You can play the game at http://www.jgi.doe.gov/meetings/Bioscriber.swf

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